Prismacolor Art Materials Online

PRISMACOLOR manufacturers  a wide assortment of fine art supplies.

Prismacolor Pencils come in eight types of art pencils:


Prismacolor Premier 0.05 Fine Tip Illustration Markers, 8 Colored Markers (14175)

  • This rich line of markers comes in two different types of tips – brush and chisel tips.
  • 6 different tip sizes provide paintbrush-like strokes in the convenience of a marker
    Manga Set of 8 has 6 black sizes and 2 sepia sizes.

Prismacolor Double Ended Markers

Prismacolor Scholar Brush Tip Water Based Art Markers, 20 Colored Markers (1774270)

  • These fantastic markers are easy to use, water-based ink markers perfect for idea development, rendering, and mixed media.
  • Perfect for students and beginners.

Prismacolor Charcoal

Prismacolor Compressed Charcoal Sticks are well suited for warm-up drawing, laying out canvas, and fine art drawings. Sold individually or in sets.

Prismacolor Charcoal Pencils

Prismacolor Charcoal Pencils provide a clean working atmosphere for adding detail to finished artwork, yet are great for beginning a drawing too. In whichever direction your imagination takes you, count on Prismacolor Charcoal Pencils to deliver rich and long lasting coverage.

Prismacolor Pastels

Premier Soft Pastels

  • Artists from every degree of expertise will discover a soft place with Prismacolor rich and creamy pastels. Premier Soft Pastels go on with smooth, awesome coverage. They are easy to blend and put down on smooth and rough surface.
  • Prismacolor Soft Pastels Set of 48

Prismacolor Nupastel Set, 96 Colored Pastels(27055)
They’re harder than traditional soft pastels, but keep up with the same rich, creamy pigments required for superior mixing and shading. Artists of expert knowledge levels can be helped by these pastels, especially people considering illustration or tightly made sketches.  Premier Nupastels® Hard Pastels can be applied wet or dry, making them versatile for all kinds of creative effects.

Prismacolor Accessories

Prismacolor Art Supplies are manufactured by the Ewell Rubbermaid Office Products Group (formerly Sanford). That is why you will still see the name, Sanford, on many Prismacolor art supplies.  Always keep in mind that ALL Prismacolor products are certified non-toxic.

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Special pricing now going on! Hurry before the prices go up!

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