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If you comparison shop as much as I do, you will find that the best place to purchase Prismacolor art supplies is from Amazon with their free shipping policy on their items $35 and more. For items that cost less than this, standard shipping for individual items run roughly about four dollars. That’s a deal, as their prices are highly competitive when compared to the leading Prismacolor dealers.

Of the other leading Prismacolor art dealers, even Dick Blick requires a minimum purchase of $59 before they offer free shipping. When comparing their prices with Amazon, Amazon beats Dick Blick in pricing as well as their free shipping policy with most purchases of $35 and above.

Here’s an example:
The price for Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils, 132 Colored Pencils (4484) is $134 at Dick Blick, while at Amazon the price is only $96. That is enough information for me to make the easy decision of buying from Amazon.

Comparison two:
Prismacolor Premier Manga Colored Pencil Set, 23 Colored Manga Pencils (1774800) start at $18.96 at the time of writing this article. Dick Blick, again, came in higher at $20.64. Now grant you that both are not eligible for free shipping, but Amazon on charges approximately $4 to ship while Dick Blick charges $8.95!

On average, in addition to Prismacolor art supplies, other art products and brands are priced comparatively they same way in that Amazon beats the completion. You will also find that the Amazon team is friendly and very helpful, should you need assistance with your order.

Hands down, Amazon is the best place to buy all your Prismacolor supplies. They have great pricing, free shipping for orders over $35, and reliable service. Just click on the link below to shop. In case you were wondering about the competitiveness of Amazon, please visit our page entitled Amazon Prices and Free Shipping Beats Dick Blick, Utrecht, and Michaels and see why we prefer Amazon.

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