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PRISMACOLOR Pencils come in eight types of art pencils:

Now, with the addition of 18 new colors in the Premier line, there are 150 brilliant colors to indulge your artistic imagination.  Pencils can be bought separately of in sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96, 132, and 150.  These colored pencils have a softer core than the others, giving them a super-smooth quality.  For covering larger surfaces, you may consider also buying Prismacolor Art Stix Colored Pencils, 48 Colored Pencils (2165)which, are made from the same rich compound.  They are PRISMACOLOR PENCILS and not pastels.  These too can be purchased individually or in sets of 12, 24, 36, and 48.  No word yet as to whether the Art Stix® palette will be expanded, but if you need colors that are not offered, you can shave away some of the wooden encasing from any of the Premier pencils.  This is a preferable way of sharpening anyway – using a knife to lengthen the lead and then sharpening it with a accidentally cut off the core.  If you are uncomfortable using a knife, you can always buy the PRISMACOLOR pencil sharpener, which comes with two blades – one accommodating a thicker pencil and one for a thinner one, such as the Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils, 36 Colored Pencils.

The PRISMACOLOR Prismacolor Scholar Pencil 60 Color Set are meant for beginning artists.   While they are still soft and creamy, these leads are stronger than the Premier pencils.  These come in pencil sets of 12, 24, 48, and 60 colors, as well as bulk student boxes with 12 and 24 palettes.  Separately, you can buy Scholar Erasable Colored Pencils, but these only come in a pack of 12 colors.  Ideally, students should not get used to erasing when they are drawing. For sharpening, you can purchase the Scholar™ Sharpener, made specifically for Scholar™ pencils.

Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencils, 24-Color Pencil Set are a much bolder palette of 12 and 24.  These erasable pencils come in handy when grading papers or doing other kinds of paperwork, rather than art work.  In my opinion, these are better suited for teacher use, rather than student drawing.

Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils, 36 Colored Pencils
Colored Pencils are generally used for tiny detailed drawing, where accuracy is important.  These leads are harder than the more versatile Softcore line.  Its palette is also much more limited, sold in sets of 12, 24, and 36.

If I had to choose my favorite PRISMACOLOR PENCILS, my personal favorite is Prismacolor 4066 Prismacolor Professional Quality Watercolor Pencil, 36 Assorted Colors/Set, because I enjoy using a wash in my drawings.  I would rather use watercolor pencils instead of using the Colorless Blender Pencil, which contains wax.  Once the wax is down on the drawing, it is difficult to remove it.  The intention is to soft edges, but I so used to using my finger or a blending stump, that I don’t generally use one.

“PRISMACOLOR Makes the Best Drawing Pencils” was written by Brenne Meirowitz, BA, MA, MS ©2012 Brenne Meirowitz & All Rights Reserved.

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Joe WilliamsonNo Gravatar says:

Do you sell the 132pc wooden box without the pencils? If so how much and where can I order it from.

Brenne MeirowitzNo Gravatar says:

No, but try ebay.

Brenne MeirowitzNo Gravatar says:

If you live outside of the US, the only way for you to buy Prismacolor Pencils from me is to buy them from this site and have them shipped to me in the US. I will then ship them to you for a small fee of $15 plus postage. I collect the postage and handling fee through PayPal. If you are interested, please private message me your name, address, and email that you use for PayPal. Once I receive your order, I will have the package weighed and then bill your PayPal account. Once I receive payment, I will ship your order.